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Thomas Nelson
Drummer Extraordinare/Artiste/Gamer/Prankster/
Married to Kim/And all around nice guy. :o)

Shade's Fav Spots

Hitchikers Haven
This is my friend Veet's place. Go check out his twisted imagination.
Modern Drummer Homepage
Another Hot page for the drummers collective....
This is where I'll be if I'm not home....Check here after you e-mail me!
This is my wife's page. Go check it out if you want to see a pic of her and one of me as well...Check the hubby's link for my pic!
Go check this place out if you like to play like me!
Pearl drums homepage
The best reason to play drums...
The official Dream Theater homepage
You must go check this place out!! My Favourite band ever!! These guys are the master musicians!!!
Shades Drumset
It's just that groovy folks...
Kennelly Keys homepage
My former job but still a cool site
Hotmail email
Web based email for folks who hate AOL!!
The Star Wars Homepage
For all you Galatic hitchhikers out there who love the galaxy far far away.

The    Further    Adventures    of    Tom,    Kim,    and    Lynn    Nelson

Hello, Hola, Bon Jour, and all that other greetings stuff! Well! sorry to keep you all waiting on the report of the baby! of course if you visit this page then you must also visit my wife's page and already know. Yes we have had the baby! Turns out our little boy wasn't a little boy but a beatiful, gorgeous little girl, *Big stupid daddy grin*. Her name is Lynn Kimberly Nelson and she came into this wild and wacky world on April 2, 2000 at 2:32 P.M. and she wieghed 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 inches long. She has blue eyes (for now) and gorgeous dark bown hair. Lynn is doing well after going through a week of being wrapped in lights for a small case of jaundice *yellowing of the skin no big deal* which was quite harmless. Mom and Dad of course are a little exhausted but we are getting used to the unusual sleep schedule. :0) I mentioned in my last report that I was looking for a new job...Well I have found one. I now work at the same place Kim does. She of course is the receptionist and I work in the countertop division making countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. Hard work but it pays really well. What else...Hmmm...Oh yes!! Those of you who are drummers or just want to know I've been working on my drumset. I should be done with the customization within the next few weeks (Weather permitting) and will hopefully have a few new pics of the kit and myself up after they are finished. You can view them on my drumset page. I guess there isn't much left to say. I do hope whomever visits my site enjoys it and lets me know about. Emails are always appreciated concerning my pages or just for fun. But please no junk mail! OH!! Also! Should have a picture of me up on the page soon (Within the weekend I think) Since my other neat little pic is broken. Look for this page to be updated alot in the coming weeks since I am changing the format so that I can really create something grand on the page. Hope to get some of my music from the two albums I played on up and running. Which would be way cool! Have to find out how to do that. Hehehee... Anyway! Hope to hear from you all soon and God bless and keep you and may He make His face to shine upon you forever! As always! ~*~Shades, The Drummer~*~

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