The    sticks    I    use

#1: Pro-Mark 5A and 7A nylon tipped sticks.I use the 5A for more hard rock and the 7A for jazz and soft rock. #2:Vic Firth Dave Weckle and Steve Gadd Signature sticks and Rutes. The Rutes are a bundle of wooden dowels stuck into a wood handle and strapped together with a rubber band that can be moved up and down the dowels. This is used for creating new and interesting sounds on your drums and cymbals. #3: I use various malletts and brushes for more orchestra and jazz performances on my kit. #4: Ahead 7A and Original sticks. These sticks are a graphite stick with a plastic sheath around the main body and shoulder of the stick. They have a nylon tip that can be unscrewed and replaced along with the plastic sheath. I like these for more of a rock and heavier approach. UPDATE!!! I and my friend Mark Van Vranken have finally made my signature stick! It's about the same diameter as a 5A but with a longer taper on the shoulder and a really nice beaded tip for fast Tom-tom and cymbal work. If you would like to try a pair email and let me know I would gladly send out a pair. Let me know where tou live and I'll try to get them out. Shipping costs will apply.

Since this is my Drumset page, these are some cool drum links.

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These are the sticks I use.
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From Punk to pop these guys rock!!
Power Beat cymbals and stuff
This is the type of China cymbal I use.
Peavey drums and audio
Wierd but cool drums.
Spaun Drum Co.
I was almost an endorser of these drums!
Zildjian Cymbal Co.
These are my kinda cymbals!! Loud and musical!

This    is    the    equipment    that    I    use

This is what my kit consists of. The main part of my set is a old 60's era Ludwig jazz set. 51/2"-14' wood snare, 16"-14' & 16"-16" floor toms, and 18"-20' Bass drum. The kit was originally a Gold metallicsparkle but I removed all the hardware and painted it black to mach the 8" and 10" toms. The two Rack Tom-toms are Gretsch Black hawk series 8" & 10" black laquer finish. I also have a really nice 4"-13" Dixon Picollo natural woodfinish snare drum. The cymbals I use are mostly Zildjian. 1: 16" thin crash, 18" thin crash, and a 8" splash. I also have a 18" Powerbeat China crash, and a 20" Paiste power ride. I use Gibralter hardware with a Pearl Double-kick pedal, and LP percussion cowbells, windchimes, and jam blocks. I even have a few finger cymbals and a triangle. The drumheads I use are Evans Genera coated 1 ply heads onthe top and clears on the bottom. They give the drums an extra kick and make them sound much more full and big.I'm also in the process of getting some congas, bongos and roto-toms, but I need to save up the money first. UPDATE!!!! My kit is no longer what is was!!! Pictures and Details on the customization of Shades' Drumset on the way!!!

This cymbal has been crashed times.

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